Working groups

YWPs are the main driving forces for research and education, and bridges between academic areas and industry. In this context, the YWP Italian chapter’s main goal is to create an inclusive networking platform to engage and form a YWP network able to promote the advancement of the water-related fields both in Italy and worldwide. Here you can find a brief presentation of YWPIT working groups, actively contributing to the different activities organized by the Chapter.


Creating strategies and vision of communication campaigns, identifying target audience, and preparation of the Newsletters. Strict collaboration with the Social media section. 

Social Media

Managing and creating contents on YWPIT social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, IWA connect etc.). Diffusion of the group activities to relevant stakeholders. 

Network growth

Seeks and establishes relationships with newly interested members and helps to connect with each other. Planning of activities to increase engagement within the YWPIT network.

External relations

Maintains dialogues between YWPIT members and externals (other YWP groups, water utilities, research groups, individuals). Helps to organize the logistics and the agenda of events. Collaboration with the Social Media & Communication sections. 


Planning and conceptualization of new events, online and in presence. Help to organize schedules, activities and logistics of Events. 

Innovation and technical training

Management and development of training programs (webinars, seminars, mentoring). Improvement of members’ know-how. Management of a resource database accessible by members and external companies, universities and other institutions to search for specific competences and innovative ideas within the group. 


Helping with the management of the financial aspects of the group. Looking for sponsorships. 


Our Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary. Coordinating the whole YWPIT structure.

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